As a sort of birthday celebration, I arranged going out to the track with a handful of friends, either as spectators or as fellow participants.

And on my outlap of the first session of the day, spun hard; my first spin of the entire year.

I do want to point out that V2 Motorsports tuned my car suspension and corner-balanced it in the off-season and I think that’s why I had done so well with a lack of spinning until then; and a wet corner was not my friend.

And there were a couple drivers in Intermediate (see my previous commentary on Intermediates) that considered rules more like guidelines – a consequence of track-hosted events is that the flagging strictness varies from day to day and organizer to organizer; as a result, I actually stepped myself down to novice again, in order to avoid those participants entirely.

Aside from that, when the sun finally came out, it was one of the more enjoyable days I’ve had, and six ~20 minute sessions is a TON of track time; in fact, I was exhausted by the end.

On a personal note, I’m very grateful for all my friends that came out to watch me in my little hobby, as well as my family that also trekked across the state to watch.

A great way to cap off a season.

YouTube: Session 1, GOPRO RECORDING
YouTube: Session 2, GOPRO RECORDING
YouTube: Session 3, GOPRO RECORDING
YouTube: Session 4, GOPRO RECORDING
YouTube: Session 5, GOPRO RECORDING
YouTube: Session 6, GOPRO RECORDING
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