Every year, Waterford Hills arranges something around 8 different open track days. I actually got involved with being a corner worker and flagging some of them, and in return, they allowed me to do their last open track day of the year for a price I couldn’t refuse.

This was overall a very enjoyable day – Waterford is a bit scarier of a track compared to Gingerman, because Gingerman is farmland and has more runoff. But Waterford is the great equalizer for Miatas versus Muscle – and passing a giant Dodge Challenger always feels good. That’s incredibly difficult to do at Gingerman, as the straights just demolish whatever advantage I can gain in the turns.

No parts broke, the streaming equipment worked well, and I got to show people a good time. Wins all around.

YouTube: Session 1, GOPRO RECORDING
YouTube: Session 2, GOPRO RECORDING
YouTube: Session 3, GOPRO RECORDING
YouTube: Session 4, GOPRO RECORDING
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