Too soon, junior.

I was on the fence about ending the season after Gingerman - it went so astoundingly well and I had such a good time, that it seemed like an excellent note to end on. Nothing broke, I had so much fun, I saw so many friends and everyone had such a good time…

But I was given the opportunity to complete the circuit of tracks-I-have-decals-of, and I felt I should push to make it happen.

Grattan is wild. It had been almost two years since I was last there - just enough time to forget most of my lines (and my bravery). You’ll see a hint of that in the data below - red was me feeling the track on my own, green and purple were after playing lead-follow with an instructor in a Spec Miata.

But it’s so very fun, with its twists and turns and esses and elevation changes and “you can’t see the apex but hammer down and trust” sections

It was cold, which meant my Hoosiers couldn’t really get up to temperature - my first session out I felt like I was dancing all over the road. Not that I didn’t have grip, but rather I just wouldn’t have grip when I would really want it - pushing any limits. And I couldn’t run my Falkens, because one is corded ((sad trombone)).

It did get a little better - a gorgeous fall day, but I didn’t feel like pushing too hard, especially in turn 1, which I’ve been on dirt roads with smoother feeling than that corner…

I know I left a lot out there, and I hate ending a season like that. But I also know I drove the fun car home (well, trailered it, but this time in one piece!) and that’s pretty darn impressive, especially where I was about two months ago.

Plus I did a really cool, totally intentional stunt during my fourth session.

Did I mention that it was cold, and my tires needed significant warm-up that they weren’t getting?

Data/analysis to follow in a subsequent post.

For now, enjoy cool pictures and video.

YouTube: Session 1, GOPRO RECORDING
YouTube: Session 2, GOPRO RECORDING
YouTube: Session 3, GOPRO RECORDING
YouTube: Session 4, GOPRO RECORDING
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